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The Christmas Story

Marquis Laughlin shares the story of Christ’s first coming from the Scriptures. From the birth of John the Baptist, to the jealousy and rage of

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Christmas and The End Times

Marquis Laughlin examines what we can learn about how God fulfills Bible prophecy from the Christmas story in the scriptures.  In order for us to

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The Law of the Prophet

Marquis Laughlin examines what the scriptures teach us about the “Law of the Prophet”.  When everyone has an opinion on what the latest war in

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Solomon and the End Times

Marquis Laughlin examines what King Solomon taught about the last days. What can we learn from Israel’s greatest King whom the Lord specifically blessed with

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Judas and The End Times

Marquis Laughlin examines Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and what it reveals about His return. Jesus said that He had to be betrayed to fulfill scripture,

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The God of Fortresses

Marquis Laughlin looks at the rise of the Antichrist and the source of his power. He discusses how this might look to unbelievers when it

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The Great Falling Away

Marquis Laughlin teaches on the Apostle Paul’s prophecy in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 about a great falling away from the Faith. Paul calls it “the rebellion”.

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Why Revelation?

Marquis Laughlin talks about how understanding the purpose of the Book of Revelation changes the way we see everything. It not only changes how we

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Remember Lot’s Wife

Marquis Laughlin speaks about what we can learn from the example Jesus gives us of Lot’s wife. Why did Jesus tell us to remember her

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The Mark of The Beast

Marquis Laughlin talks about the most well-known prediction in all of the Bible, which comes with the sternest warning in all of Scripture. So just

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The Wise and Faithful Servant

Marquis Laughlin talked about the second longest teaching Jesus shared concerning His return. It’s recorded in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13. He concludes

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Marquis Laughlin

MARQUIS LAUGHLIN is the founder of Acts of The Word Ministries, a unique non-denominational ministry dedicated to transforming people’s lives through the words of the Bible…

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