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The 2300 Days of Daniel 8

Ron Wallace explains a possible interpretation of the 2,300 days of Daniel chapter 8.  This will also involve a suggested scenario for the building of

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The Meaning of Dispensations

Ron Wallace teaches about “dispensations”. This study is crucial for understanding God’s plan for the entire human race and how God communicates His promise of salvation

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Peace and Security

Ron Wallace discusses that future time when there will be severe affliction and hardship unleashed upon the world by the evil personage the Bible calls

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Revelation 14:14-20

Ron Wallace presents the view that Revelation 14:14-20 portrays the initiation of The Day of the Lord judgments that will begin with the Trumpets and

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Ron Wallace

RON WALLACE teaches through The Bible Fragrances Biblical Studies Institute (BFBSI) organized for the purpose of interpreting and communicating the Word of God through this web site

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